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Alongwear was born in 2016 in south Florida, and it has always been manufactured in the heart of Colombia, Medellin. (Para todos los parceros around the world) the city of the eternal spring

All our designs try to make a statement in fashion, using colors, patterns and the best materials in the market, with the goal of making you feel and look amazing.

The fabrics we use have the highest quality, offering you UV protection, dry fast materials, and even some of them are recycled.

Our main Store and warehouse is located in Fort Lauderdale, in which we offer you the best customer service. However there are some amazing stores (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Chicago and New York) that believe in us and offer our merchandise.

We love being part of your adventures, so tag us @alongwear, and let everyone see how amazing you look and feel our designs.

Want to become a wholesale representative? And make some extra money?

Send us an email and we will tell you how !!!!      info@alongwear.com

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